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We worked with ModestMouse and RollingStone Magazine to document their time at Lollapalooza, with a full feature press circuit.



DIGDOG collaborated with Modest Mouse to enhance their global reach by orchestrating a multifaceted project. Our team worked closely with the band to document the creative process behind “The Golden Casket” and their experiences on tour. Utilizing a combination of photography, videography, and storytelling, we crafted compelling content that would resonate with Rolling Stone Korea’s audience.


The result was a visually stunning and culturally resonant narrative that not only provided an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Modest Mouse’s creative journey but also highlighted their vibrant on-stage performances. DIGDOG successfully secured press coverage in Rolling Stone Korea, featuring exclusive interviews, captivating visuals, and insights into the making of “The Golden Casket.”


In summary, the collaboration between DIGDOG and Modest Mouse not only achieved the initial objectives of securing press in Rolling Stone Korea but also showcased our ability to tell compelling stories through visual content, fostering a deeper connection between the band and their global audience.

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