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2022Creative DirectionVisuals
We worked with Turnstile to document their live shows.



DIGDOG, a dynamic digital design agency, embarked on a journey with Turnstile to visually capture the raw energy and magnetic stage presence of the band during their tour and festival dates. Our team immersed themselves in the live experience, using a combination of photography and videography to authentically document the intensity of Turnstile’s performances. From intimate club shows to massive festival stages, our goal was to convey the electric atmosphere that defines Turnstile’s live presence.


The live coverage of Turnstile’s tour and festival dates resulted in a vibrant collection of visuals that not only encapsulated the band’s energetic performances but also provided fans with an immersive experience. This content became a key element in promoting Turnstile’s tour, fostering a deeper connection with their audience, and expanding their fan base.


In summary, the project exemplified DIGDOG’s expertise in live event coverage, highlighting our commitment to creating engaging content that captures the essence of an artist’s live experience. The collaboration with Turnstile not only celebrated their dynamic performances but also amplified their presence in the music industry through visually compelling storytelling.

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