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The Strokes.
Worked with The Strokes, to document their live show and create legendary content for their social media channels.



DIGDOG, a leading digital design agency, collaborated with The Strokes to capture the essence of their live shows and translate it into captivating social media content. Our team immersed themselves in the energy of The Strokes’ performances, with the goal to capture the intensity and charisma of the band on stage.


The result was a dynamic collection of high-quality images that not only showcased the band's raw talent but also provided fans with an immersive visual experience. From explosive stage moments to intimate behind-the-scenes glimpses, the content curated by DIGDOG became an instant hit on The Strokes' social media platforms. The engagement skyrocketed as fans shared, commented, and re-posted the visually striking images, creating a buzz around the band's live performances.


In summary, DIGDOG’s collaboration with The Strokes showcased our ability to seamlessly blend technology and creativity, resulting in a project that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the band’s online engagement and overall brand image.

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